Finding Phrases to Ground Yourself in Who You Are

The word 'wild' feels to me like a sort of spectral reflection of a natural sweetness or tameness. An innate wildness, connecting us with the dualistic qualities seen in nature. Like a mother tiger tenderly bringing home fresh kills for her cubs, the idea of sweet but powerful self-sufficiency rings true for me with the phrase 'stay wild'. But now I’ve come to the idea of humility. In terms of humanistic description and general definition, humble indicates something that is perhaps more meager or lower than other counterparts. Maybe it was rooted as an adjective for the working class, who would submit their own hard earnings to their liege lord. However, humility as a service to others can be a great gift.

Exterior Inspiration and Inner Light: Human Biophoton Emissions + Universal Conciousness

If a tree fell in the forest without someone to hear it would it make a sound? Not quite. It would make a vibration, but the concept of sound itself is dependent on vibrational interpretation made by ear-havin’ animals like us humans. The process of sight interprets photon stimuli into electrical impulses and simultaneously biophotonic impulses within our brain. When we imagine, we can often visualize vivid pictures or scenes that are not visually present in our concurrent environment. These biophoton emissions within our brains are literal illuminations. As Kobayashi states (2009), “The human body literally glitters”. While these photonic emissions are weaker than human eyesight allows, they are constant and rhythmic within all living beings. Plants and bacteria, vertebrates of all sorts, we all emit and communicate using light energy, even if we can’t fully understand it yet.